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Scientific Scale Single Forks Clearance

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SozoSoundz is selling out overstock on single forks found in our chromatic set. These frequencies are based on the C major scientific scale and not the musical scale. These are all unweighted forks with the 2.5 inch longer stems. 

These tuning forks emanate the pure sounds and overtones incrementally to bring forth relaxation and order. The forks are used together create various intervals and energy patterns. This also creates a connection between the various energy centers and glands associated with them. 





444.4 Hz 

Pineal/Higher Brain Centers


Repatterning of your mind, body and spirit
Rapid Relaxation
Transformed state of consciousness

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There are two ways to sound your tuning forks. The first way is to gently hold them by the stems and firmly tap the end of the tuning fork on your knees or a hockey puck. This will create a pure tone and is excellent for deep listening. Bring the two-prong part of the forks about an inch away from each ear and listen to the quality of tone. Remember that your tuning forks are musical instruments. The second way is to hold the tuning forks by the stems and gently tap them together on the side of the tines  to create an audible sound with overtones. This sound is good for moving around the body in the energy field. You can adjust the volume by the strength of your tap. Experiment with getting different sounds. When you move the tuning forks quickly they will create a beautiful ringing overtone.

Scientific Scale Single Forks Clearance Sale