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Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine by Sage Holloway

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Dogs, cats birds, reptiles, rodents, fish, horses, dolhins and farm animals benefit fro the gentle healing methods of vibrational medicine.  Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine explains how to create remedies specifically for individual ailments...with no harmful side effects!

Essences or vibrational remedies, are elixirs of water infused with the energy frequeny of flowers, gems \, minerals, elements, stars, or sacred earth spaces. These high-energy frequencies invite the individual's energetic field to resonate at the higher vibration, balancing and healing eh energy system throughout the body. 

Animal Healing is a resource and reference guide for over 1,000 energetic remedies. It provides a variety of ways to administer them to animals, and it takes the guesswork out of how they work.

You will find remedies for:

  • Addition or loss of a family member (animal or human)
  • Fear of not enough attention to go around
  • Moving anxiety
  • Stress from specialized and obedience training
  • Living predominantly indoors
  • Immune system dysfunctions caused by processed pet food
  • Medical and surgical procedure recovery
  • Injuries and infestations
  • Exposure to environmental and household toxins
  • And many more!


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